Please Note: Dr. Oz does not promote any particular brand of prickly pear products. This was placed on this web site to show that respected medical providers, such as Dr. Oz, are acknowleding the nutritional and medicinal benefits that this cactus plant and prickly pear fruit provide.


Dr. Mehmet Oz: Cactus Pear -

"A Miracle Food!"

Dr. Oz, famous TV doctor and personality lists various healthy foods around the world which he says are "bizarre cancer fighters." His guest, travel channel host Andrew Zimmern, introduces the TV audience to the cactus pear, which he calls "a miracle food!"

Click here to see the web clip:

Dr. Mehmet Oz: Prickly Pear Cactus -

"One of 7 Natural Remedies!"

Dr. Oz speaks with health expert Bryce Wylde who describes his trip around the world with 7 natural remedies which he states help to prevent cancer, diabetes, ease pain, reduce stress, and fight colds. See what he says about Prickly Pear Cactus as one of those 7 natural remedies. Click here to see the web clip:


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